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Continental Maritime founded in the early 1980s, initially focused and eventually became renowned as an International Yacht Transport specialist. Three decades along the line and we pushed forward and continue to lead in the broader Yachting scene as a one-stop partner where Yachts are concerned ; from Yacht sales to luxury Yacht charters to Registrations in various international jurisdictions as well as Yacht Finance and Insurance consultancy services. Continental Maritime is a synonym for yachting!
Our philosophy has always been simple: Client satisfaction comes first and thus we are better known as a company providing “boutique” service – a title which we take great pride in and abide by religiously!


Having shipped thousands of boats to date for dealers, manufacturers and individuals, it would be safe to say that we do have the appropriate means and expertise to get your boat to and from anywhere in the world securely.via land, sea and air.

Our mission is to maintain the highest level of quality in our personal service and to always exceed our customers expectations.

Excellent service provided. Yacht transportation - fast and safe
George Koussoulas
No need to worry about paperwork and customs. They did everything. Highly recommended service.
Josh Devon
Josh Devon

Continental Maritime

Continental Maritime is an independent business with over 25 years of experience in international freight forwarding and a specialist where yacht transports are concerned.

Ship Global, Ship Fast